Daggermouth – ’10 Bass Player Later’ out October 13 / Japan Tour updated

初のジャパン・ツアーまで2ヶ月を切ったDAGGERMOUTHのコンプリート・ディスコグラフィ盤「10 Bass Players Later」のアルバム・ジャケットが公開!本日よりウェブストアにてCDの先行予約がスタート!さらにICE GRILL$のbandcampにて収録曲を全曲公開しました!

"10 Bass Players Later" (IG-083)
Release date: 10/13/2017

Track Listing //
01. Abracadra Holmes
02. Hawt Lixx
03. Glendale P.D. Hates Daggermouth
04. Too Late, No Friends
05. This Is Chase Brennerman
06. Hey Nelson Go Jump On The Garbage
07. Frisky Business
08. Dan Don Get Off Your Fucking Phone
09. You Can't Soar Like An Eagle When You Hang Out With Turkeys
10. Fact: Mike Peecher Rollerblades
11. You Do This As A Fad, We Do This As A Lifestyle
12. Stevenston Mike Can Mosh To This Anyday
13. I Dance To Trance In Garbage Bag Pants
14. Hit 'Em High, Hit 'Em Low, Don Flamingo
15. Does Anyone Know What Snfu Stands For?
16. Vegas Chaffe, Brutha I Got It Too
17. Shildo's Quest: Legacy of the Dung
18. Pump Lube and Gary the Bear
19. Verbal Uzi. Moo You Fucking Bitches
20. Lassie's Last Dance
21. Merkin In The Streets
22. Dude Just Wants His Rug Back
23. Texas John's Sweet Herbal Remedy
24. Westlemania 5: Hulk Hogan vs. Macho Man
25. This Is Where The Chocolate Cheesecake Would Be If We Had Any Whammy!
26. Sing It Again Rookie Biatch

そして、11月に行なわれるDAGGERMOUTH / GNARWOLVES / HOLLOW SUNS Japan Tour 2017の各地ゲストバンドが決定!今回はLEXT、SEE YOU SMILE、CASTAWAY、AND PROTECTOR、nim、Fireplay、SIGHTS、GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE、ORANGE KLUBらが出演します!引き続き各プレイガイドとICE GRILL$ STORE、NERDS店頭にてチケット発売中!チケット予約をご希望の方は【お名前・日程・枚数】を明記の上、、Twitter @icegrillsjp宛て、または各出演バンドまで!